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Digital Art of Retouching Photos.

Retouching is the digital counterpart of airbrushing a picture. Retouching photos is often criticized because celebrities and models depend on retouching so much. We have to remember that this is a tool used to improve their image. Asking your favorite actress to stop using retouched pictures would be like expecting your favorite model to stop wearing makeup. It would not make sense or be realistic. Retouching is really just another tool to enhance their looks and image to gain popularity. People in general want to look their best, not just average.  

Actually, retouching is used every time a picture goes public. Even pictures of cars, donuts, or jewelry will be processed through hours of retouching before it is used in advertising. Pictures are always made to look their best. Artists in the past have been painting peoples portraits; often not drawing flaws the artist would make that person better than their best. Now digital tools are used to achieve the same results. You too can look like a celebrity by modelling for Beautyfier.Com !

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Single CLICK on the photo you would like to see larger. When the new window open simply bring your mouse over the photo to see the original or move the mouse away from the window to see the photo after retouching. Quality photo may take up to 6 seconds to load and toggle between the before and after retouching. Close the external window by clicking on the photo.

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All the photos on this site were captured by me and retouched by me. Thanks for visiting my site. Luc Beauvais Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert.

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