Luc Beauvais 

Hello my name is Luc ……Call me "Luke",

I have been doing beauty, fashion and glamour photography for over 15 years and I love it.

I worked with agency models, freelance models and ModelMayhem models to create beautiful portfolios. I do studio and location photography in Barrie and Orillia (and surrounding area when beneficial for my portfolio and an appropriate location is available.) I also do shoots with anyone interested in modelling or people who like to work on creative projects.

I created this website myself (from coding....Yikes!) to display some of my work so far.

I am a perfectionist and always keep the model looking real and better than her best, beauty is my passion. I'm always looking for new faces to create beautiful and captivating images. I chose the name Beautyfier for two reasons, 1) My family name starts with the letters BEAU, in French it means beautiful. 2) I like to be able to use Photoshop and create a perfect version of my subject and "beautify" a person!

I often work in collaboration with a professional makeup artist. RoseAnne, very experienced she is also a certified hair stylist, a photographer (and a great friend). I use professional lighting, advance photography skills (Ryerson Certification) and editing skills (Photoshop Certification) to have a professional finished quality picture that will be up to publication standards. My aim is to always capture the beauty of my subject and then enhance it further; that is also accomplished by the implementation of the Golden Ratio as part of my retouching techniques.

I am a friendly person who likes to meet new people. I am always looking for creative people since I am more technical than creative. I always welcome your ideas, feedback and concepts. If you have no concepts in mind, no problems, I will find one. Being part of creating eye catching photos is so much fun! I would love to network with Models, MUA and other Photographers. I want to say thank you to the people I have worked with already, they are all amazing! They keep my passion alive and helped me turn ideas into fantastic pictures. Contact me now, lets freeze time and capture beauty; create art together.