Luc Beauvais from Beautyfier

You can contact me by using email at
Or you can text me at 705 327 4943


You can contact my friend Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Photographer Roseanne Kool by visiting her website at 705 229-6528.  She is the perfect photographer for personalized portraits. She did an awesome business portrait of me posted here on the left, the best picture of me ever!  I highly recommend her for her talents and ability to connect with shy or nervous people.

TESTIMONIAL from people I photographed from ModelMayhem.Com. See many more at

Katrina:  Luke is an extremely talented and professional photographer! I was lucky enough to work with him during the very beginning of my modeling career and receive some very helpful training and stunning photos for my portfolio! I would highly suggest Luke as a photographer for both new and experienced models.

Rachel  Luc, what a great opportunity and experience I received. He was very professional and had a great eye for what he wanted. Had great lighting to make the photo the best it could be. Thank you for your opportunity Luc.

Jessika You are such a joy to work with!! So professional, creative and you truly know how to get the best shot possible. A perfectionist by heart, it shows in your amazing work...Can't wait to shoot with you again.

Leanne:  I shot with Luc on Sunday.  Amazing photographer.  Very nice and polite.  He helped me notice my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend him.  Looking forward to shooting with him again hopefully.

Elly: You're amazing!!!!

Sara: When I am feeling down I look at the pictures we created and it cheers me up!